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All GP Practices are required by Government to ensure that all patients have a "Named Accountable GP" by 31 March 2016. However, this makes no difference to the care you receive or the GP you usually consult with.

All patients have been allocated a named Accountable GP at the Begg Practice.

You are free to see whichever GP at the surgery you wish, but there will be a specific GP who you were registered with when you joined the practice, and you will have been informed of that at the time of registration. This is your "Named Accountable GP".

Our GP contract requires the named accountable GP to take overall responsibility for the co-ordination of all appropriate services required under the contract, and to ensure that they are delivered to each of their patients where required based on their clinical judgement.

We will be notifying you of your nominated GP during the year via leaflets and handouts, text messages sent to your registered mobile number or during your consultation at the surgery.

If you want to know who your "Named GP" is, then please enquire the next time you are at the surgery.

If you have any particular preferences for your nominated GP, then please put this in writing to the practice where we shall try and accommodate your wishes.

Please be assured that this will not impact on your experience at the practice, you can still access all of our medical team in exactly the same way as before.

No action is required on your part.

For further information please visit the BMA website